Adnan Khashoggi Statesman Arabic Western Business

A Global Visionary

There were many different reasons for Adnan Khashoggi’s overall success as a businessman. Khashoggi was naturally very charming, and he cared about each deal he made. He preferred to negotiate himself, and was always personally involved in every deal he made. Adnan was loyal to his home country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but that was not the only place he cared about. Adnan had a unique way of looking at the World. No matter where he was, he could always see beauty. 

Adnan embraced cultures from all over the world. He knew it was possible to embrace other cultures, without surrendering his own identity. With his deals, Adnan sought to unite the world. This vision is one of the reasons Adnan was such a successful businessman, as well as negotiator.

Adnan Khashoggi’s global vision was not only present in his business deals, but also in the organization’s he supported, created, and to whom he made donations. Adnan constantly hosted guests from all over the World, and he was always eager to hear what their lives and culture were like. He understood during a time when globalism, as a term, had not yet been invented, that in diversity was strength, and that strength offered vast untapped resources for those willing to embrace it.